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Introducing Deb McKay

Yoga Program Developer

Certified Yoga Instructor

     Deb's interest in yoga started when her personal trainer told her that all the years of hard workouts, spin classes, weightlifting, and miles of walking and jogging had taken a toll on her physical body and, without yoga, she was highly prone to injury. The endless workouts also left her mind and spirit overworked. She faced a hard truth, she could spin and dance for hours, but she couldn’t bend over to tie her own shoes.
     Just a few years ago, she began her own yoga path by participating in a gentle restorative class. As her practice unfolded and her interest and ability grew, she decided to become yoga certified. After being retired for years from an Executive Director role for older adult living communities, teaching yoga was the last thing on her mind. Yet, to complete her certification, she was required to practice teaching. It was in that instructor role that she found her passion for Yin Yoga; it was the perfect fit for her needs, and for many of her contemporaries. She continues to refine and develop her purpose in educating others how to balance yin yoga with the traditional yang poses to achieve a deeper expression of a yoga practice. 

     Deb is Chair of the Naples Women's Club Women's Wellness Committee and active with Avalon Elementary School for developing the Peace Place Zones. She now teaches in the Naples area and finds joy and purpose in drawing others together in community. Together, we find true meaning to an individual’s yoga level by uniting breath, mind and body.

Yoga at Home


The goal of Omni Yoga is to provide programming that gently supports you in your yoga and life journey

Available for Small Group Classes

Bro' Yoga

A form of yoga that focuses on a man's body, mind and spirit designed to increase flexibility, release stress and enhance athletic performance.

Yoga for Pickleball

This class is created with poses designed to aid the body in recovering from the strain of time spent on the court, prevent injury and increase the power of your game.


A passive and restful style of practice. Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for longer periods of times as students begin to  accessing deeper layers of fascia

Chakra Therapeutic

Learn more about the seven chakras, or “spinning wheels", and how they can be balanced through specific asanas in your yoga practice


Seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. The use of props makes it easier to maintain balance while stimulating and relaxing the body

Cardiac Care Yoga

Yoga practice that supports cardiac students with adjustments and modifications for recovery, heart healthy lifestyle and mental balance.



Kids' Yoga

Focuses on teaching children stress management, meditation, and mindfulness through poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation

Yoga by the Sea


Further Yoga Information

Additional Services:

  • Meditation Space Development for Elementary Schools

  • Kids' Yoga Programming

  • Private & Group Classes

  • Custom Workshops

  • Presentations

  • Retreats

​Coming Soon:

  • Prenatal Yoga: Classic yoga poses, linked together in a gentle flow that are appropriate for pregnancy and the postnatal experience 

  • Includes Mommy & Me: to help mothers and their babies get to know each other

  • Nidra Sleep

  • Mindfulness/Meditation​

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